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Squid Butterflies
Squid Butterflies
Squid Butterflies
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The calamari squid butterfly is frozen seafood from squid types of binoculars that have been peeled without entrails kemudiahn in the split. Seafood frozen seafood products wijaya initerdiri of squid body beraih dankepala wing. Calamari squid are packed dlam butterfly 1blok nett 2kg. Can be applied to any element cuisine menu calamari squid and fish calamari squid laiinnya this butterfly wijaya seafood products that semi-finished asehingga clean and hygienic

1. Lowering cholesterol
The squid has the benefit of lower cholesterol because they contain omega 3. Omega 3 is one of unsaturated fatty acids that are good for the body.

2. Healthy for the heart
Not only contain omega 3, the squid are also rich in protein and minerals such as zinc, copper, iodine, and vitamin B. The content of copper in good calamari for iron metabolism and the formation of red blood cells.

3. Increase of appetite
The mineral content in squid can also be a healthy digestive system. This content includes riboflavin and niacin
Optimizing white blood cells

4. Optimizing the white blood cells
Recent research has revealed a special substance in squid ink can activate white blood cells. This makes the performance of white blood cells to fight germs become more optimal.

5. Overcoming tumor
Squid ink can also be used for the treatment of tumors. You do this by injecting the ink into the patient's body. But the need for prior consultation and further assessment of the use.

6. Eliminate pockmarks
Someone who has just recovered from smallpox usually have a scar on the skin. Used in the skin is quite disturbing appearance.

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