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19 Jan 2021
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Specification of Catfish

Lele net of frozen seafood is an agricultural product from our pool of live fish dr process. There perkg size 4-6 and 6-9.

The net catfish in containers one by one allows you process frozen seafood Many catering worn off shore. Seafood such as catfish speckle wijaya seafoo beraih adal selling product .. very profitable your business

Here are the various health benefits of catfish for which we can get.

1. As a source of protein
Catfish is a freshwater fish that can be a source of animal protein is high enough, which is about 20%. The specialty of the protein contained in fish is because the protein in fish not only serves to add the amount of protein you eat, but also can be a complement to the quality of protein in your diet. In the catfish protein contained all of the essential amino acids lysine, methionine and leucine with a higher protein content when compared to the protein in milk and meat. You need to know that almost 80% of freshwater fish contain proteins ground with cystine and methionine levels were high. Leucine is useful to assist the process of growth in children, is also useful for the formation and muscle reshuffle. Lysine helps the growth of children, were in the process of treatment of herpes needed lysine will be the framework for niacin.

2. Rich Phospor
The content of phosphorus in catfish that reached 168 mg / 100 g proved to be higher than that found in eggs is only 100 mg. Phosphorous is useful to give strength and energy in the metabolism of fat and starch, into supporting healthy gums and teeth, helps the synthesis of DNA, as well as help the absorption / use of calcium phosphorus are also more needed for pregnant women because it is useful for the formation of bone in the fetus. If the intake of phosphorus in pregnant women is lacking, then the fetus will take phosphorus from the bones of the mother. This is the cause of OSTEOPHOROSIS.

3. Cardiovascular Health
Comparison of potassium and sodium in catfish is 24.5: 1 is also quite high so it is good for cardio health and your blood vessels. Terms of a food is said to be good for heart health is if potassium to sodium ratio of more than 5: 1. Potassium works as:
Assist in the control of blood pressure
As cleaners CO2 (carbon dioxide) contained in the blood
As a node triggers nerve and muscle work.
If present in high levels, it can expedite the shipment of oxygen to the brain Smooth balance fluid levels in your body.

4. Low fat
Fat contained in catfish is fat with simple nature, namely triglycerides are neutral. Low fat is widely available in the abdomen, especially in fish body and the lower part contained in fish liver. There is also a fat that is complex. Due to the low-fat cholesterol can contribute indirectly depressed.

5. Rich in Omega 3
Useful to assist in the process of brain development of the fetus in pregnant women. Also important for the development of visual function and neurological baby.

6. Sources of Protein Short
This resulted catfish meat more easily digested by your body and is very safe for the digestive system of the body, if you want to eat meat that is easily digested, catfish become the primary choice.
Benefits catfish is very popular important for pregnant women, omega 3 and protein is very high making this fish into a warehouse necessary nutrients pregnant mother and her fetus. Besides catfish, also a very good fish to prevent a variety of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and keep blood vessels remain good.

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