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Tuna Steak
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Specification of Tuna Steak

Frozen seafood

Tuna Steak Seafood products from RUM has several grade.

Product Description
Fresh tuna steak comes from the type of Yellow Fin Tuna who have reached the minimum size of 40kg to guarantee its quality. Arrested an environmentally friendly manner by applying standards tuna fishery management guidelines developed by WWF-Indonesia has met the tuna fishing allowed a decent size.

Nutritional Ingredients & Benefits
Tuna export quality has a high protein content, calcium is good for growth, and abundant Omega 3 is good for heart health.

Regional Arrest & Capture Device
Tuna Fish 'n Blues landed at the port of Blue Spring, Malang, East Java. Tuna caught with an environmentally friendly way by local fishermen using fishing rod and kite-fishing also overextend (hand line). These gear included as the most selective fishing gear, so to minimize by-catch by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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RUM Seafood

Welcome to RUM Seafood. We are a company that established since 2010 engaged in industrial , Tuna Bait. We were in Komplek Industri dan Pergudangan Safe n Lock V2-3328 Sidoarjo. Discover the variety of our best products (seafood, Ikan Segar, Fillet Dori, Cumi Kupas, Kepiting Soka, udang kupas) with quality and the best price you can get.

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RUM Seafood

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