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Pangasius WGGS RUM 1Kg

Rp. 34,500
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24 Jan 2024
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1 Kilogram

Pangasius RUM is one of the frozen seafood products from RUM Seafood, made from raw materials selection, hygienically processed and packed well. So that the quality is maintained.

Benefits of catfish:

1. Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

The meat of catfish can help in preventing diseases related to the cardiovascular system. This is due to the unsaturated fat in the flesh ADA catfish, very useful in preventing the disease. Unsaturated fat content in meat catfish have reached 50% of the total value of nutrients contained in the catfish.

2. Reduce cholesterol content

For those who have disturbances in cholesterol such as high cholesterol in the body, you can try to consume these catfish. Unsaturated fat content can help in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol content in the body. Efficacy like this, it is also found in:

benefits rambutan fruit

benefits of orange peel

the benefits of soy milk

3. Preventing coronary heart

One type of chronic disease that can be prevented is coronary heart disease. Just like cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases, unsaturated fats contained in the benefits of catfish keeps the body protected from coronary heart disease. This is because the unsaturated fats will not settle and inhibit blood flow in the blood vessels.

4. Optimizing Growth in Babies

For pregnant women, catfish can be beneficial to your health and fetal growth during pregnancy. This is due to the benefits of DHA and omega 3 rich in catfish. Both of these substances is useful for:

Maintaining the health of the fetus while in the womb

Keeping the growth of the fetus to remain normal

Keeping it healthy fetus

5. Maintaining bone health

Bones and spines of catfish contains phosphorus and calcium benefits are quite high. The content of phosphorus and calcium are high enough this will help meet the needs of the body's phosphorus and calcium in a day. In addition, calcium and phosphorus may also be useful for:

Helps maintain healthy bones and teeth

Strengthens bones and teeth

prohibit osteoporosis.

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